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Touring Car Challenge- Lime Rock Park

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Season 6: Race #1

This weekend’s simulated races will kick off with lime rock park on Friday night featuring the wonderfully recreated BTCC cars recently brought into rfactor2. The British touring cars come in a mix of left- and right-hand drive vehicles with both FWD and RWD options – the cars which have come to rfactor2 in 2022 are seemingly the physics test ground for motorsport games’ upcoming BTTC release.


Lime rock park is a historic track well documented in many modern simulators, Rfactor2’s version features a wonderfully well-built replica as part of studio-397s free content. The track opens to its long start line straight before diving into a complicated multi-apex right-hand turn. The track continues to push drivers and their cars left and right through a series of turns leading towards a right-handed uphill. The course, as laid out for this Friday’s race, features two more complex turns on the back as it leads downhill back avoiding the chicane before connecting to the start line straight.

From Fords to Toyotas, we expect to see a wonderful selection of cars and drivers for this weekend’s inaugural race. Starting at 9 pm CEST the track will open for a 10-minute practice followed by a 10-minute qualification leading into the green flag. While we are expecting to not see liveries this race you may find our B-Squared sim driver in a left-and-drive, RWD infinity Q50.

The track is expected to be sunny and dry, with the rubber progressing as the sessions/laps pile up. For anyone thinking of joining for their first race – the touring cars are a wonderful place to start. Weekly sessions allow drivers to become acquainted with the track at their own pace, competition at this level is friendly often promoting individuals to learn and grow from the community.

110% Drivers Guide

We at B-Squared want to be the first ones to welcome any new driver to the touring or any other series rfactor2 has to offer. While normally we work one on one with drivers and engineers the following is a track guide to 110% AI.

Turn 1

Coming off the large straight and moving into turn 1 It is important to have the car positioned as far left as possible.

A key point to this sequence is to minimize the steering input.

Try positioning your exit to optimize turn 2.

Don’t forget to practice your off-lines before race day! Not just surviving the hectic and turn 1 lap 1 crash – off lines are often used when attacking or defending.

From 3 to 4

During the uphill portion of the track, it is important to be in optimal gear.

Hugging the left-hand side of the track before cutting in towards the inside apex of turn 4. On race day, if possible, attempt to conserve the tires by lifting and coasting this is to minimize the overall time spent in the pits.

Turn 6

The final turn before the start/finish straight allows for the most opportunity. During your qualifying run take advantage of the internal apex but be mindful come race day. This inside turn can upset the car’s balance making the trade-off in an extended race harder to calculate – but with the qualifying rounds be sure to push the limit. Never forget B-Squared is here to assist in any data analysis you need, especially that last 10%

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