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Steps to Improve Steering

The three steps to improve steering:

  1. Intentional Mindset - dedicate sessions to just making steering improvements. Keep the throttle and brake input as consistent as possible.

  2. Specific Vision - know your references before you get to the corner and actively search for those references as you travel through the corner.

  3. Apply Light Hands - use as little steering input as possible. Consider the act of steering as a form of braking. Keep your grip on the wheel loose so you can feel the car more and further indicate when you're at the limit of the tires.

Watching lap videos of peoples' driving over the past few years, a trend that I unfortunately have started to see is people sawing at the wheel, kind of like a shaking, or vibration. It's definitely not what you want to do if you want to start getting consistent and properly load the tires. The reason why this is bad is because you're modifying the load on the tires in the middle of the corner so you're delaying the time it takes for the car to reach its maximum point of grip, known as 'taking a set'. You're also delaying the time it takes you to get on the power because you're constantly changing the front and rear load by steering. Steering has an effect on your front-to-rear load because by adding a little bit more steering, especially if the car is already fully gripped up, you're going to start understeering the front end due to tire overload. Understeer slows down your mid-corner speed and delays the weight transfer to the rear end when you start to get on power. As a result, throttle input is going to be inconsistent because it takes more time for a car to transition from understeer to acceleration than cornering to acceleration. If you're driving a street car with power steering you have no excuse - generally, corners are just one input even if it's a decreasing or increasing radius corner (you can still do it one input, just adjust as the corner and your vision tells you).

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