ABOUT BSquared

We believe that all drivers, no matter the experience level, has more to learn. There will always be untapped potential left at the driver or vehicle level waiting to be unlocked, giving you the lap time you deserve.

Our goal is to help grassroots racers get faster through data and vehicle dynamics analysis. Our first ever course, tailored to grassroots racers, was a massive success in 2021. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay updated on the 2022 launch and to receive free motorsports vehicle dynamics engineering articles written for the grassroots driver.

2022 Launch Coming soon- BSquared Applied Motorsport Data Course

It doesn't matter if you are just starting out on your motorsports journey or already a seasoned veteran. We created our Applied Motorsport Data course in mind for people with any background in motorsport.


Our team of engineering developers has constructed a course to lay out the exact steps for you to implement on and off the track so that you can make data driven informed decisions that will always help you go faster.