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ABOUT BSquared

Meet the team 

Patrick Alex is a 2019 OTA GT4 class champion, Top novice of the year, 2020 OTA GT3 runner-up, and 5th overall in the series for both of those years. He is also an in-car instructor with OTA, which is a CASC-affiliated performance driving school, worked this past May at the track school at CTMP DDT and presented an intro to data analysis lecture at the OTA school, for the in-class portion, which was also well received.

Patrick Alex also drives on the NUMMI racing team in the 8-hour wheel-to-wheel races, which the rest of my organization supports with race coaching, data analysis, and race strategy.


Samira Wettasinghe also drives in the lucky dog series, flying under the BSquared motorsports name, in a Honda Civic (EF Hatch), which has little to no data available other than GPS and accelerometer, so the initial challenge of learning to drive was that much more difficult but pays dividends when coaching since the driver skills are critical and coaching is distilled into a language which is understood by more folks getting into the sport.

Amando Widjaja and Antul Patel aren't active on social media, but they also come out to the track to drive and coach.

Everything that the BSquared has learned from years of learning our local tracks gets passed directly to the clients.


The team is doing its best to be present in the community, supporting many time-attack drivers (BSquared officially sponsors the OTA series since 2021), endurance racing, and open lapping days. Scroll below to learn more about our achievements in these racing series.

Preview of the BSquared Method:

View the track guides to get a first-hand experience with the BSquared method. The goal is to create a track guide for all of the Ontario tracks to help the community improve their skills and to decrease their lap times, so we're really grateful to continue being a part of the motorsports community and would like to thank you for the support.


BSquared at Ontario Time Attack


BSquared x Ontario Time Attack Origins


BSquared, through co-founder Patrick Alex, have been involved with the Ontario Time Attack series since 2018, where Patrick has competed up until 2020. He claimed OTA GT4 Class champion and the Top Novice of the Year awards for the 2019 season and continued a 2020 campaign in the GT3 class in which he finished second. In both 2019 and 2020 Patrick finished fifth overall in series championship points. These achievements in 2020 were supported by BSquared co-founders Samira, Antul, and Amando, where they facilitated data analysis for Patrick. At the same time, we were all working on a hardware product, a tire temperature data system which was used at Ontario Time Attack, and aided our knowledge of automotive product development.


BSquared Gives back to the Community – OTA 2021

With our extended involvement as competitors in the OTA series, we wanted to give back to the community that allowed us to succeed in competition and learn so much about motorsports and performance driving. In 2021, BSquared sponsored the Ontario time attack series with 12 Post Track Day Analysis packages to winners at each event. Through this sponsorship, BSquared was able to provide insight to these winners about their driving habits and ways they can improve on the track

Trackside Race Coaching Product Development

2021 also saw the pilot of the Trackside Race Coaching service which is now a current BSquared offering. Several members of the BSquared Applied Motorsports Data course competed in the Ontario time attack series and for many of their events, BSquared was there to provide trackside support by reviewing their track data and helping them plan and execute changes to their setup or driving technique on a session-by-session basis.


Check out our two-part YouTube series on this topic

Continuing Support, HPDE Instruction – OTA 2022

BSquared is expanding their involvement in Ontario time attack for 2022, by continuing our event sponsorship and instructing portions of the in-class sessions at the Ontario time attack spring track school. Patrick is also working as an Ontario time attack performance driving instructor at the track schools, where he will be teaching the next generation of performance drivers at one of the most prolific HPDE programs in the province.


BSquared Applying their knowledge 

BSquared Goes Endurance Racing!

Whilst fully supporting the Ontario Time Attack series in 2021, the BSquared crew also supported and campaigned in the 2021 Lucky Dog Racing Canada 8-hour endurance racing series. In this incredibly successful campaign, BSquared was able to help the novice team, NUMMI Racing, to several podium finishes including two race wins, which led to their overall finish in the series at second place in GT2 class. BSquared supported NUMMI Racing with trackside data analysis and post track data evaluation which allowed each of the NUMMI drivers to understand their strengths and weaknesses which dictated changes to their race strategy and empowered them to become one of the most respected teams on the grid of over 30 race teams. 

BSquared also assisted the team with their preseason testing, in which we were able to model fuel consumption rates and characterize the tire degradation of the Yokohama Advan A052 on the NUMMI Racing 86. We also characterized driving habits and aggression patterns of each driver, which assisted in strategy development for their debut race as novice wheel to wheel drivers. This led to a fifth-place finish on their debut race and a third-place finish in race two of the first weekend. 

Throughout each race, co-founder, Sam, worked as crew chief and head race developer where he monitored NUMMI driver performance as well as the performance of competing teams which dictated strategy direction. 

BSquared is continuing its support of the NUMMI Racing LDRC campaign for 2022, with even further involvement in the team in aspects such as vehicle modification, exploration of even more vehicle parameters extracted from the data system, and advanced driver support.

2023 race results and schedule

  1. Shannonville Motorsport Park

    • Race Day1 - April 22nd - Testing

    • Race Day 2 - April 23rd - 🥇

  2. Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

    • Race Day 1 - May 13th - 🥇

    • Race Day 2 - May 14th - 🥈

  3. Calabogie Motorsports Park

    • Race Day 1 - June 24th - 6th

    • Race Day 2 - June 25th - 🥈​

  4. Shannonville Motorsport Park

    • Race Day 1 - July 29th - 🥉

    • Race Day 2 - July 30th - 🥇

  5. Calabogie Motorsports Park

    • Race Day 1 - September 30th - 🥈

    • Race Day 2 - October 1st - 6th



2023 Launch Coming soon- BSquared Applied Motorsport Data Course

It doesn't matter if you are just starting out on your motorsports journey or already a seasoned veteran. We created our Applied Motorsport Data course in mind for people with any background in motorsport.


Our team of engineering developers has constructed a course to lay out the exact steps for you to implement on and off the track so that you can make data driven informed decisions that will always help you go faster. 

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