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How To Get Racecar Telemetry from iRacing

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Data analysis in sim racing has become incredibly useful at all racing levels. If you’re a novice driver, you can use data to totally accelerate (pun intended) your learning. Data was crucial for my Ontario Time Attack season where I won Top Novice and GT4 Class champion. Not only for getting faster on track but also for helping me save money on mods that I really didn’t need or understood. I won that season with a very lightly modified car – brake pads, brake fluid, some high-grip tires, and lightweight wheels. Racing telemetry helped me get the most out of my setup, and with our coaching services offerings here at BSquared, so can you!

However, we can only do so much with just your in-car video (I mean, we do have a product for coaching via just video, linked here: GT- basic). But if you’re an iRacing driver or sim racer, and want to collect your data to have an expert look at your driving or car setup, here is the tutorial to help you!

Data analysis has never been more accessible and easy to do on your own. In this video, we cover the INCREDIBLY SIMPLE process of collecting and visualizing your racing telemetry with MoTeC. Yes, THAT MoTeC! The same stuff the pros use! It's the data analysis tool of choice for many due to its ease of use. See how you can extract your telemetry and get started with data analysis!


MoTeC i2 - Choose the latest Standard or Pro version

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