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BSquared Applied Motorsport Data Course

Our goal is to help grassroots racers get faster through data. Our first ever course, tailored to grassroots racers, is coming soon. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay udpated on BSquared data course and free motorsports data articles

What We Do

At BSquared, we believe that all drivers, no matter the experience level, have more to learn. There will always be untapped potential left at the driver or vehicle level and this potential can be unlocked with data, giving you the laptime you deserve. Our Applied Motorsport Data course is now open. To help you level up your understanding of your capabilities, the capabilities of your machine, and also provide a deeper understanding of vehicle dynamics, our team of engineering developers has constructed a course to lay out the exact steps for you to implement on every track day for the rest of your motorsports journey

The Team

We are founded with the idea that data collection is key a factor in becoming a faster driver. Through data, you can precisely understand the behavior of your car, given your driving inputs and vehicle setup.

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