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Patrick Alex is a software developer for GM Canada, and the head of Driver Skills for GM Canada's internal motorsports team. He is the coach for performance driving in internal autocross days, driving simulation, and internal lectures. Patrick is the 2019 Ontario Time Attack GT4 Champion and Top Novice of the Year. He has placed 5th overall in points for 2019 and 2020 as well as came second in GT3 for the 2020 season. His grassroots driving achievements in just his first couple of years of competition as well as his knowledge in vehicle dynamics, engineering, and driver coaching are all assets that are going directly into BSquared products to help you Drive Better, Be Better

Patrick Alex 

Samira Wetttasinghe (Sam)

Samira Wetttasinghe (Sam) started off from University of Waterloo Formula SAE where race cars and data acquisition quickly went from a hobby to an obsession. He continued this obsession at Tesla Motors for a short stint working in vehicle dynamics for the Model 3. Currently, Sam works in General Motors doing diagnostic algorithm development for the Active Safety and Autonomous department. He has a decade of experience in many facets of race car design such as aerodynamics, vehicle dynamics simulation, suspension design, data acquisition and more. He has transformed teams and individuals from performing at the bottom 20 to top 20 both locally and at the international stage. His relentless drive for vehicle dynamics and data analysis as well as his experience accumulated into co-founding BSquared in order to help fellow grassroots enthusiasts to make smarter, safer, and data driven decisions on track.

Amando Widjaja

Amando Widjaja's goal is to provide grassroots racers the technical knowledge and tools of professional racers. His dream is to make grassroots racers understand their cars and know where to improve their lap times through data. Customer satisfaction is his priority. He is mechanical designer by trait and former University of Waterloo FSAE suspension member.

Antul Patel

Antul Patel graduated from University of Waterloo with a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. Antul was part of the UWFSAE team, where he had assisted in the  development of the suspension system. Outside of motorsports, Antul enjoys biking, woodworking and travelling 

Luis Ramos

Luis Ramos graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor of Technology in Automotive and Vehicle Engineering and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Advanced Motorsport Engineering part-time with De Montfort University. Luis is currently a Product Engineer at Honda of Canada Manufacturing, where he developed an interest in motorsports after joining Honda of Canada Manufacturing's factory race team. Luis is currently the team's Crew Chief and Race Engineer. Outside of motorsports, Luis enjoys travelling, cooking, baking, and longboarding.

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