Coming Soon- BSquared Course Version II

We are preparing our driver coaching program Version 2! See below for some snippets from our 2021 cohort. We will be accepting new members starting April 2022 so follow us on our socials for the latest updates!


BSquared Post-Track Day Analysis

The BSquared Post-Track Day Analysis is a tried and true motorsports data consultation service that has helped countless drivers improve their understanding of their driving behavior and ultimately give them a game plan for their next track day. Our experts analyze your data to provide you with specific objectives to achieve on your next track day, to save you from turning lap after lap mindlessly. Perfect practice makes perfect, so say no to chaotic lapping, and allow us to set you up with your targets. All that’s left is for you to hit your marks.

How it works: 

  1. Use the payment option below to purchase the analysis

  2. You will receive an email to fill out this form so we know exactly how to help you best.

  3. Upload your data with the form. We accept data from all common data logging apps such as Harry's Laptimer, TrackAddict, RaceChrono. We also accept all major data systems AiM, MoTec, RaceCapture, RacePak, etc.

  4. We'll complete our analysis and send you a complete breakdown of the exact driving or setup items for you to work with on your next track day.


BSquared Track-side Driver Coaching

The BSquared Track-Side Data Analysis Package is your opportunity to have a
1-on-1 dedicated race coach for your full-day Time Attack event. Racers will receive personalized data analysis for every session, and our dedicated experts will be responsible for suggesting and making justified changes to your car or driving technique based on your vehicle’s telemetry, tire pyrometer data, tire wear, and vehicle behavior.

How it works: 

  1. We set up your data system, whether you have your own or require rental from us.

  2. We discuss your performance with you in between your sessions. What did you like about the car? What do you want to change in the car? What can we adjust on the car to suit changes in ambient condition? And how can you as a driver extract the most out of your setup for the day? 

  3. We'll be your coach for the day and also help you track and make changes to parameters such as tire pressures/temperatures, ambient/track temperatures, and all of your modifiable vehicle parameters such as dampers, anti-roll bars, and alignments