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BSquared Applied Motorsport Data Course

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Provide drivers with motorsports data methodologies, software tools, and applied vehicle dynamics theory to accelerate their development as drivers in the vehicle. Data empowerment is the goal. Students can expect to finish the course with a radically new perspective on data collection and will have tools and knowledge to take with them to every track day for the rest of their motorsports journey. Students will view data from the perspective of an engineer and driver. Nothing is certain in real life, so the most important thing is understanding why something is happening. Once you understand why, you can work toward how to make yourself or the car better. A methodical approach will yield better results faster than just going out on track and turning laps. The main transformation is to understand that knowing WHY is more important. We will be demonstrating, using data, the ‘why’s’ of your driving, and the how’s’ to leveraging your data best.

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Novice Racer, CA$25/month


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